NDC offers solutions in Sheet Metal Forming & Metallurgy. With the goal of creating a new website, we were contacted by OOF to develop the front and back end of the website they had designed.

Some of the problems we had to solve were finding the best solutions to make the website easy to understand and to use to the reader but never losing its identity. It includes some great tools like a live chat, the possibility to check the best business opportunities and get updated news from the company.

Another important thing was making it easy for the client to edit and add content, knowing that it may have little knowledge of technology and coding. The whole website is fully personalized so that the client can update it, whether it’s news, new services or products. Our goal was to create a website that could keep growing and evolving, just like their business.

front-end development. 2018.
96STUDIO for NDC [OOF partnership]