Escolíadas Junior is a project destined to the primary schools, that aims to provide to the students activities of Dramatic Expression, Body Expression, Theater and Music, and that culminates in the final show.

We were asked to create the graphic identity for the 2018 show, called “Era uma Vez... no Espaço” (Once Upon a Time... In Space).

We decided to recreate the journey of the characters, portraying in depth every chapter of the story.

branding, graphic. 2019
96STUDIO for Escolíadas Júnior

"Planet Earth is in danger. Man realizes that Earth is being destroyed and need to find a solution for survival. They decide to build a rocketship and search for a new planet to live. They travel the space and find the planet Lollipop, a very colorful planet, led by Queen Lolly that does everything for her subjects, candies.

They realize that Planet Lollipop is not the ideal place for them, so move on searching. In their journey, they fly through an asteroid belt and their curiosity takes them outside to explore and float in space.

The journey continues and Men find the planet Candra, a planet where there’s a complete balance. Men realize that it is possible to take Candra’s methods and way of living and apply them on Earth and that what they need is not to find a new planet, but to take care of their own."